• Propylene Glycol pharma grade

    Propylene Glycol pharma grade

    Relative Molecular weight: 76.09
    CAS No.: 57-55-6
    Specifications: as requested

    Packing:In 215kgs galvanized iron drums,17.2tons/20’fcl,

           In flexitank, 22tons/20’fcl.

           In IBC drums, 20tons/20’fcl.

           In ISO tank, 23.6tons/20’fcl.

    Other packing: According to the client’s requirement.

    Applications of propylene glycol pharma grade:

    Cosmetic: PG could be used as humidor, emollient and solvent in cosmetic and industry. 
    Pharmacy: PG is used as the carrier of medicine and agent for particle medicine. 
    Food: PG is used as solvent of perfume and edible pigment,emollient in food packing,and anti-adhesive. 
    Tobacco: Propylene glycol is used as tobacco flavor, lubricated solvent,and preservative.

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